Workload modeling in Performance testing

The process of identifying one or more composite application usage profiles for use in performance testing is known as “Workload Modeling”. Workload modeling can be accomplished in any number of ways, but to varying degrees the following activities are conducted, either explicitly or implicitly.

  1. Identify the objectives
  2. Indentify key usage scenarios. You may use the following limiting heuristics useful
    • Include contractually obligated usage scenarios
    • Include usage scenarios implied or mandated by performance testing goals and objectives
    • Include most common usage scenarios
    • Include business – critical usage scenarios
    • Include performance intensive usage scenarios
    • Include usage scenarios of technical concern, stakeholder concern & high visibility usage scenario
  3. Determine navigation paths for key scenarios
    • Identify the user paths within your web applications that are expected to have significant performance impact and that accomplish one or more of the identified key scenarios.
  4. Determine individual user data and variances
    • No matter how accurate the model representing navigation paths and usage scenarios is, it is not complete without accounting for the data used by and the variances associated with individual users. So spare some thoughts on – website metrics in web logs for usage sessions per period, session duration, page request distribution, interaction speed etc
  5. Determine the relative distribution of scenarios
  6. Identify target load levels
    • Benchmark – compare with industry standard
    • Baseline – create a new value for self use
  7. Prepare to implement the model

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