Automated JS testing - 2

Now that we are here - Lets look at some interchangeable frameworks for JS testing and also see how we can translate the unit testing to an end to end testing

Example of JS unit testing framework - Used to test jQuery, JQuery UI and jQuery Mobile . QUnit can be used easily and also it can be used to test any generic js code itself . A Sample test is written below. You can use the cookbook to enhance your knowledge further 

test(“a test example”, function(){

ok( true, “this test passes”);

var value = “hello"

equal (value, “hello”, “We expect value to be hello”);


My top metrics

Having seen the product side and the service side of the industry and in my view, these are the top metrics that i keep track of. Definitely builds to my dashboard



Automated Web Testing using Java Script - 1

I think, i have used this way to often and pleasantly surprised when i hear ppl mention - What? You can use JS for automation? Some even think i am crazy. But that’s ok. What purpose does it solve for me anyways!

Here, i intend to start a series of my experience and rants on using JS for automation . Before that, for the benefit of folks, let me list why JS for Testing ? 

  • It is Free 
  • It is open source
  • It is modular
  • It has an active and vibrant community
  • If the client and servers use JS - why not tests?

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