Usability testing

[Me]:- Guruji, what are the usability questions that I can ask myself while testing the Usability aspect of any application

[Guruji]:- Asking questions to your self is an effective method to generate and test the applications. Well’’ to start off you can begin asking the following questions

1.       Does the user interaction for this feature make sense? Will the user easily figure out how to use it?

2.       Are Help files provided?

3.       Are error messages to the user helpful?

4.       Will server errors (such as 404s) be given a more usable interface when delivered to the user?

5.       Can the user easily find the necessary navigational controls, or are the application controls easily confused with the browser's controls? (For example, if users are looking for the Help pages for your application, do they instead click the Help for the browser?)

6.       What is the result of each click? Where does it navigate to?

7.       What happens if the user right-clicks? Is this disabled or is there a special menu that appears? Is it supported?

8.       Is the information architecture clearly mapped out with content topics mapped to it?

9.       Would the user try to bookmark the page? Can the user return to a book-marked page of yours? What if the page has been removed? There should at least be a polite general statement and links to the main navigation page of your site/application.

10.    Will there be usability studies performed with typical users prior to the release?


Vinay Jagtap

A hard core Technocrat with over a decade of extensive experience in heading complex test projects coupled with real time experience of project management and thought leadership. Extensive experience in Performance, Security and Automation Testing and development of automation frameworks and ability to setup and execute Global service centers and Center of Excellences for testing.

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