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[Me] :- Guruji, there are so many tools in market available for testing. Can you please help me as to what tool does what and who is the industry preferred tool

[Guruji]:- I agree with you that there are a lot of tools in market and as we talk there could be more on shelf. It’s very difficult to analyze all tools especially the commercial ones.  And BTB, There is no such tool as industry preferred. It all depends on the feasibility analysis. For the sake of your understanding, I have listed a few for you



Representative Tools

Functional Testing

Record and Playback tools with scripting support aid in automating the functional testing of online applications 

Win Runner, Rational Robot, Silk Test and QA Run. Tools like CA-Verify can be used in the m/f environment

Test Management 

Management the test effort 

Test Director

Test Coverage Analyzer

Reports from the tool provide data on coverage per unit like Function, Program, and Application

Rational Pure Coverage 

File Comparators 

Verify regression test results (by comparison of results from original and changed applications).

Comparex (from Sterling Software)

Load Testing 

Performance and scalability testing

Load Runner, Performance Studio, Silk Performer and QA Load

Run-time error checking

Detect hard to find run-time errors, memory leaks, etc.

Rational Purify

Debugging tools 

Simplify isolation and fixing of errors

Xpediter,  ViaSoft (Mainframe applications), VisualAge debuggers and many other debuggers that come with development kits. 

Test Bed Generator

Tools aid in preparing test data by analyzing program flows and conditional statements



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