Performance testing - 1

Generic Performance monitors for Both the app Web Server and Database Server

Counter Name:

Collection Notes


Processor - %Processor Time


The percentage of time the processor spent executing a non-idle thread. This value is subtracted from the time the processor was idle 100 percent. This is an indicator to the overall CPU utilization in the system.

Processor - %Interrupt Time


The percentage of time the processor spent servicing hardware interrupts. This can be any activity on the server machine. This needs to be 0 while our testing process.

Processor - Processor Queue Length

Make sure to capture for all Processors on the machine

This counter indicates the number of threads that are waiting in the processor queue. It can be also interpreted as the number of threads that are waiting to be run by the processor. If this value is greater than the number of processor then we have aCPU bottleneck in the system

PhysicalDisk - Avg. Disk Queue Length


Average number of requests that waited for the read and write requests in the particular disk. A high value suggests we have a IO bottleneck.

Memory - Page Faults/sec


Total number of faulted pages handled by the processor per second. This value needs to be as small as possible

Memory - Pages/sec


The number of pages written to disk or from disk to resolve page faults. This would be the sum of page reads/sec and page writes/sec counter.


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